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First off, thanks for coming to our website! Much is still under progress as you can see, so thanks for your patience!

Who are we? We’re a husband and wife team, Angela Xu and Peter Tieryas , who enjoy stories of any kind, whether they be in literary, artistic, or movie form. Here are our brief bios:

Angela Xu is an international artist who enjoys capturing images of the obscure. Her work has appeared in places like the Adirondack Review, A-Minor, anderbo.com, apt, LitNImage, Juked, Prick of the Spindle, and Redivider, to name a few.

Peter Tieryas (Liu) has been published in literary magazines like Bitter Oleander, Camera Obscura Journal, decomP, Evergreen Review, Existere, Gargoyle, Indiana Review, Pank, Pear Noir!, Prism Review, Quiddity Literary International, Word Riot, ZYZZYVA, as well as many others. His first collection of short stories, Watering Heaven, is coming out in the fall of 2012. He was the recipient of the 2012 Fiction Award from Mojo, the magazine run by Wichita State University. He’s worked as a technical writer for LucasFilm, writing game manuals for titles like Star Wars:Jedi Outcast and Star Wars:Jedi Starfighter, both bestselling games. He’s also been a visual effects artist for Sony Pictures where he’s worked on movies like Alice in Wonderland, I Am Legend, and Men in Black 3, being nominated for the Visual Effect Society (VES) award for Outstanding Animated Character for the work he did on G-Force.

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