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bnwcoverWhat if everyone in the world lost their hair?

Bald New World was listed as one of Buzzfeed’s 15 Highly Anticipated Books of 2014. “”If you took the world building of Philip K. Dick, and added in the gritty reality and humor of Haruki Murakami, with a touch of Aldous Huxley (of course), you would get Bald New World. An emerging voice, Tieryas has created a fascinating setting.”

Peter Tieryas was also profiled by Yahoo! Asia. “Highlighted by Kollaboration in March as one of three Asian American authors on the rise, Liu’s debut novel “Bald New World” deals with a global epidemic of follicular proportions. When Baldification hits the planet, the pair find themselves caught up in an sci-fi tinged international conspiracy, turning their penchant for adventure into a series of daring discoveries.

HTMLGiant, one of the premiere Indie Lit Magazines, wrote the following: “Bald New World is gripping and frightening. It is filled with wonderfully speculative and exotic elements. Dystopia has been done a lot, but no one has done it quite like Peter Tieryas Liu. I’d like to enthusiastically welcome Bald New World to the must-read dystopian canon. Old Aldous would be proud.”

Further praise for Bald New World:

“Similar to the work of Philip K. Dick, this parodic dystopia is steeped in futuristic technology that further bridges the gap between man and machine.  Although we humans are capable of doing and creating sad, funny, glorious, devious things, we also persevere and adapt, survive. I wonder what Huxley would think of this, but he’s dead. You’re not, so read this book, feel alive.”
-Jason Jordan, author of Pestilence, editor of decomP

“The boldly imaginative Bald New World follows Nicholas Guan, a military type tasked to digitally touch up scenes of carnage, in his misadventures from Korea to a futuristic California and in his frenzied dash from Gamble Town to China . The novel tells of beautifully flawed characters, the blurring distinction between reality and virtual environments, the comical yet chilling wave of religious fanaticism, and a world battling a strange malady called the Great Baldification, an ingenious symbol of human vanity. Peter Tieryas Liu’s Bald New World is vivid, exhilarating, and wildly entertaining.” –Kristine Ong Muslim, author of We Bury the Landscape and Grim Series

“Bald New World is a hypnotic, surreal, and insightful novel, blending Blade Runner and The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle to create a dark, funny, and captivating story. One of the best books I’ve read this year.”—Richard Thomas, Staring Into the Abyss



dr2legsShanghai, WWII Internment Camps, and a bizarre New York City murder case involving purple blood intersect in the first issue of Dr. 2. A physician with a mysterious background, Dr. 2 is the most sought after expert on “unsolvable” crimes. But nothing can prepare him for the maelstrom of chaos that awaits as he’s forced to delve into a world of passion, destruction, and tragedy, all connected to a woman from his own past.

“The writing is smooth and has a very nice flow. It’s about thirty-six pages long, but you’ll blow through that fairly quickly and ask for more. Dr. 2’s narration is really strong. It’s has a bit of a P.I. vibe to it, but without all the tropes that can sink that genre. Additionally the world comes across as real and densely populated with characters. It gave me this weird Akira, BladeRunner mix that I dug.” –Comic Bastards

“Brilliant first issue. The characters were so intriguing.” ComicsVerse

“The setting of Dr. 2, explored through the eyes and the crisp narration by the good doctor, is an eerie depiction of our future that captures the spirit of the 1930s and lends itself to the noir tone as much as the doctor’s fedora.” Fanboy Comics

“The contrast used in the comic is undoubtedly the best use I’ve seen in an indy comic and reminds me of Samurai Jack fighting the Ninja. It fits with the “shades of grey” sense of morality to get and pays homage to the kind of detective flicks that this reminds me of.” –Indie Comic Reviewer

“Definitely captivated me.” –Music, Books, and Tea

“Peter Tieryas is an awesome writer. Let me be more clear. Peter Tieryas’s writing is important.” –Read My Blog Please




Watering Heaven is a travelogue of and requiem for the American dream in all its bizarre manifestations and a surreal, fantastic journey through the streets, alleys, and airports of China. Long-listed for the prestigious Frank O’ Connor Int’l Award and an Amazon best-seller, be prepared to laugh, swoon, and shudder at the answers Tieryas offers in this provocative debut collection.

This debut collection probes the membrane of modern meaninglessness in consistently passionate and original prose. Watering Heaven underscores the babble of the global village from inside China’s Forbidden City to inside the bacterium of the hand that holds the ubiquitous videogame joystick. Tieryas’s brave new world comes at us full-force with a spinning Blade Runner intensity, keeping us guessing as it keeps us on the edge of our postwar, pre-apocalyptic seats. Encore! Encore! –Leza Lowitz, Author, Green Tea to Go: Stories from Tokyo

Watering Heaven is edgy, clever and memorably innovative. He masterfully treats his panoply of characters with a vibrant swirl of wit and compassion. His untainted directness of language, his richness and precision to detail, as well as his surreal brilliancy reminds one of the very best of Borges, Calvino, Pynchon. Here is an author who singlehandedly breaks the sun in half with sheer novelty and song. –Leonore Wilson, Author of Western Solstice

This collection of madly manic fiction rides bareback over the rocky metaphysical divide that is Asia and the U.S.A. And the journey is bleakly compassionate. These are curious fictions, bordering at times on meditations about the unpredictability and possibility of existence. An astonishing energy prevails throughout the collection. This is definitely a writer to watch. –Xu Xi, Author of Access: Thirteen Tales and Habit of a Foreign Sky

Peter Tieryas’s ear is expertly attuned to the zeitgeist–the tangle of our social networks, our cubicle culture, the language of science–but the brilliant, haunting stories in Watering Heaven are always leading us somewhere deeper yet: that fathomless reservoir of human need and longing. –Tim Horvath, Author of Understories and associate Prose Editor for Camera Obscura

“If there was ever literary proof that the need for love and validation drives all human actions, then Peter Tieryas Liu’s haunting collection of short stories would provide it.” -Joyce Chen at Hyphen Magazine.

“Peter Tieryas Liu’s provocative collection is bold, daring, and abnormally beautiful.” – Nancy Terry at JMWW Magazine.

“Some of what Peter Tieryas Liu writes is so disgusting and alarming, it took my breath away.” -Cindy Matthews at Prick of the Spindle.

“In Peter Tieryas Liu’s hands they are nothing short of miraculous as he weaves in elements of the postmodern with magic realism to create an ultra contemporary take on the age old question of love, life and meaning.” -Martyn Coppack at Kafka’s Cage.

“Just like life, the stories in this collection are full of unexpected twists, unpleasant surprises, missed connections, broken hearts, profound questions, and loneliness. However, the prose is so beautiful that even the darkest passages are a pleasure to read.” -Gabino Iglesias at Verbicide Magazine.

“Watering Heaven is brilliant ​and one of the best collections I’ve recently read.” -Eddy Rathke at Monkeybicycle.

I have almost 200 publications, many of which include my fiction. My short stories have been published in some of the most prestigious literary magazines around. I’ve listed five of my favorites, and can provide many more upon request. Three are print magazines and the other two are online. Copies of the stories can also be provided:

Mojo 2: Biggest Ice Cream Cake In the World: Winner of 2012 Fiction Award

ZYZZYVA:Forbidden City Hoops

Evergreen Review: The Whimsy of Creation


Indiana Review: Staccato







Gargoyle: The Buddha of Many Parts




Evergreen Review: Evergreen Review is a US-based literary magazine founded by Barney Rosset, publisher of Grove Press. Its diversity can be seen in the March-April 1960 issue, which included work by Albert Camus, as well as Edward Albee’s first play. Some writers published in other issues include Jean-Paul Sartre, Jack Kerouac, and Allen Ginsburg.

Indiana Review: Now in its thirty-fifth year of publication, Indiana Review is a literary magazine dedicated to showcasing the talents of emerging and established writers. Works by contributors have been awarded the Pushcart Prize and reprinted in The Pushcart Prize Anthology, as well as in the O. Henry Awards, Best American Short Stories, and Best New American Voices. Indiana Review is recognized as one of the top 50 fiction markets by Writer’s Digest and in 1996 was selected as the first place winner of the American Literary Magazine Award.

Gargoyle: Gargoyle has published authors who have won the Pulitzer Prize, the MacArthur Fellowship, and the National Book Award among other honors. Work from the magazine has been included in The Best American Fantasy, The Best American Non-Required Reading, New Stories from the South, and The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror.

mojo: mojo is the graduate-run online literary journal from Wichita State University’s MFA program. I was the recipient of their Fiction Award for 2012.

ZYZZYVA: ZYZZYVA publishes the best prose, poetry, and visual art produced by West Coast writers and artists. Since 1985, they’ve published such writers as Sherman Alexie, Raymond Carver, Aimee Bender, Po Bronson, F.X. Toole, Haruki Murakami, Richard Rodriguez, and Daniel Handler; poets such as Kay Ryan, Adrienne Rich, Matthew Zapruder, Czeslaw Milosz, W.S. Di Piero, and Francisco X. Alarcon.

Star Wars Jedi Outcast Xbox

Star Wars Jedi Starfighter Special Edition

Star Wars Starfighter Special Edition








Wrath Unleashed



I’ve also worked as a technical writer for LucasArts, writing their game manuals. I really enjoy understanding the complexities and mechanics of a game, then writing them down for players throughout the world so they can enjoy games with ease. Apart from the game manuals, I also enjoy writing about videogames, covering big events and analyzing what makes some of the best games out there classics. I’ve contributed blog posts to Kotaku (my Escape From Monkey Island Retrospective was published to the main Kotaku page), written in-depth analysis of classic games, and interviewed many developers. I’ve included several articles and links to their respective pages below.



Legend of Zelda

Super Mario Bros

Persona 3 Retrospective








Solid Snake Retrospective

9 Thoughts On Being A Videogame Journalist


Kid Icarus Retrospective











Apart from my game journalism and fiction, I write a lot of non-fiction for a variety of magazines and sites. including Bookslut, Electric Literature, HTMLGiant, New Letters, Punchnel’s, and more. I write a lot about my travels throughout the world. Below are some samples of my non-fiction articles. I can provide many more upon request.


Looking Back on E3 2011 for Examiner

100 Bullets Overview at HTMLgiant

Days of Destruction Days of Revolt

Days of Destruction Days of Revolt at Bookslut








Crocs at Punchnels

Ladyboys of Thailand at anderbo Receiving over a million hits each year, Anderbo is one of the leading literary markets in the online community. Publishing short stories, poetry, novel excerpts, and “facts” as well as photography, the magazine also hosts yearly contests helmed by preeminent figures from the lit community.

Bookslut: Has been named one of the 50 best websites by Time and one of the best literature websites by The New York Times. Bookslut receives between 6,500 and 8,000 unique visitors per day (195,000 to 240,000 per month).


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